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WE design your parts to fit like a glove 

Our large team of tertiary-qualified designers uses the latest software to design fabricated wear parts, structures and 3D forming casting patterns. We also custom make one-off parts for a range of applications.

experts will come to you Nationwide

We've got experts on the ground across New Zealand. Get in touch so we can visit and spec exactly what you need.

We have world class press brakes, amongst the biggest in NZ


Yawei Press Brake 8.2m

  • Pressing Force: up to 1000 tonnes
  • Length: 8.2m
  • CNC: 5-axis
  • Software: Desktop simulation
  • Tooling: Various custom tools
  • Top punch radii: 5, 7.5, 12.5, 16, 25, 32, 50 and 100mm

Ideal for forming cones, buckets, knives, channels, wear liners. It can form entire truck sides in one piece!
Our forming accuracy is widely regarded as second-to-none.

LVD Press Brake 4.5m

  • Pressing Force: up to 350 tonnes
  • Length: 4.5m
  • CNC: crowning V-axis standard
  • Patented Easy-Form® in process angle monitoring and correction system
  • Bending parameters automatically controlled by LVD's unique 'intelligent' learning database
  • Bend accuracy to +/- 0.3 degrees

We have the equipment to cut the hardest steel, accurately

Kinetic K2500 Profile Cutter

  • Plasma Cutting: 400A up to 80mm
  • Oxyfuel Cutting: 60mm–200mm
  • Marking: various marking systems
  • Cutting Bed Size: 17m x 3.2m
  • Software: Integrated scheduling and nesting using PrimeCut NE

The K2500 makes short work of truck chassis and body profiles for the transport industry.


Kinetic K5000 Profile Cutting, Drilling, Milling

  • Plasma Cutting: 400A up to 80mm
  • Oxyfuel Cutting: 60mm–200mm
  • Marking: various marking systems 
  • Spindle: High-speed 48HP (30kW) with through-spindle coolant
  • Tools: 24-tool automatic changer
  • Software: Integrated scheduling and nesting using PrimeCut NE

The K5000 is a powerhouse that allows us to cut, bevel, counterbore and drill a finished Hardox cutting edge in one go. High performance wear parts are its forté.

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  • Maximum sheet size: 10m x 3m
  • Material thickness up to 25 mm
  • Drill hole accuracy and consistency 
  • Fully programmable Z-axis for processing pre-formed parts
  • Constant beam length system assures fast, consistent cutting over the entire working area
  • Capacitive height sensing for high quality cutting results
  • Ideal for long profiles such as chasis
  • Software: CADMAN-L programming software

We make sure our products arrive to you in pristine condition 


Deburred to save you time

  • Deburring and edge rounding of parts
  • Processes both sides of the parts simultaneously  
  • Edge rounding on interior and exterior contours
  • Ideal for long profiles such as chassis


Automated wrapping line 

  • Orbital technology
  • Keeps your parts dry and erosion free
  • Reduces cleanup time

Get in touch for a free Real Steel Technical Manual. It contains everything you need to know about our machines and how to work with our steel.