achieve bucket perfection with Hardox and ultralok

The Ultralok system is a two-piece, hammerless tooth system featuring an integrated locking device that increases safety, reduces inventory and simplifies replacement.




  • Completely hammerless system

  • Longer wear life than other systems 

  • 14.8% more usable wear metal 

  • Harder and tougher alloy steel 

  • Better reliability

  • More stabilized mating flats 

  • Reduced locking device loading

  • Improved digging performance

  • Lower nose height

  • Smooth tooth to adapter transition

  • All new streamlined point shapes

  • Easier to use

  • Lock integrated into the point

  • One simple tool operates system

  • Increased safety


How ultralok works


machine tonnage and fitment chart

This table compares Ultralok tooth/adapter sizing with Cat J-series and ESCO Conical. For a full comparison table with all brands click here.

Tonnage 7–10 10–15 15–20 20–25 25–30 30–40 40–60 60–75
Ultralok U20 U25 U30 U35 U40 U45 U55 U60
Cat J-Series J225 J250 J300 J350 J400 J460 J550 J600
ESCO Conical 25 30 35 40 45 50 55–65 65–70


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View the ESCO brochure below for a more detailed overview of Ultralok


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