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5x stronger than standard steel

Foxbox trench shields are made from Hardox and Strenx advanced high strength Swedish Steels. Up to five times stronger and three times tougher than standard steels. They are clever, too — all products are stackable with themselves and/or extensions.  


less than half the weight of standard steel designs

They are designed and optimised to the benefits Hardox and Strenx making them lighter than aluminium trench shields and less than half the weight of other steel options.


be more flexible with smaller machinery

Being incredibly lightweight lets operators deploy a Foxbox in confined work sites with much smaller machinery. Customers who upgrade to Foxbox go from needing a 25 ton digger to a 12 ton digger for the job.


massive 1.5m lower strut clearance

Innovative use of Hardox 400 Pipe for the strut design allows Foxbox trench shields to offer unparalleled lower strut clearance while still offering impressive high kPA load ratings. Now you can use even smaller, lighter trench shields for your large pipe laying projects.


engineered and certified to AS4744.1:2000 standard

Documentation for each Foxbox is available at for the life of the product. Certification, owners manual and safe usage guidelines can be readily accessed by operators working on site. Instructions for this are printed on each shield.


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