Ground engaging tools

We stock a huge range of Ground Engaging Tools: the industry-leading systems from ESCO, the broad range from Black Cat, and maximum protection from Domite. You'll get consistently high quality gear with top-notch product support.

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Cat J-series

Bucket Teeth

Esco ultralok

Hammerless Bucket Teeth

ESCO Conical

Bucket Teeth


ESCO Super v

Bucket Teeth


Bucket Teeth


Bucket Teeth


revoluton rvj

Hammerless Bucket Teeth


Boots, Shanks, Noses, Protectors

Bucket shrouds

Side, Lip, Heel



Chocky Blocks, Wear Buttons, Bars, Knives

grader parts

Blades, End Bits, Overlays, Scarifiers

Hardox 450

Wear Strips, Handy Sheets