Seven years on and still going strong!

This Hardox truck has been compacting cardboard for Reclaim for the last seven years. After a quick blast and a fresh coat of paint, it still looks good as new! It was built by 'Hardox In My Body' member Midwest 

Real Steel
Innovative side shrouds for a cat 980M

BDC Engineering designed this innovative and cost effective solution for side shrouds on Winstone Aggregates Cat 980M. We cut these parts from 60mm Hardox 450 in one process, using our Kinetic K5000 plasma cutting and bevelling machine. We’re thrilled with how they came out!

Real Steel
Team Building done right

Our design team wanted to put our steel to the test. Naturally, they went to a shooting range and shot .308, 5.56mm and 0.22 calibre rounds at both 450 & Grade 350 from 50 meters. The results speak for themselves. 

Real Steel
Check out this massive stone cutting blade for Hinuera Natural Stone

Hinuera Natural Stone quarry in Matamata turned to Real Steel for this extremely hard wearing and long lasting stone cutting blade. 

The 2.85m diameter blade is made from 16mm Hardox 450 with 10mm Hardox 450 bolt-on wear plates and Sandvik pick holders. This is what Real Steel is all about — redesigning your most demanding equipment to dramatically improve efficiency and wear life.

Real Steel
The beauty of a 4 axle Hardox trailer bin

Built by Adams & Currie, for Dormer Construction

Real Steel