7.3m Hardox Trailer by Domett

Check out the brilliant work from the team at Domett Truck and Trailer Ltd on this awesome 7.3m full Hardox trailer. We formed the sides from one piece of Hardox thanks to our 1000t 8.2m press brake.

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Real Steel, Real Speed

We are proud to be sponsoring Munn Motorsport this season! Jaden's new Camaro saloon car looks brilliant flying the Real Steel colours. Follow our Facebook page to find out where and when you can see the car in action.

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New Catalogue

Our very popular product catalogue has just received a big update with new products and a sharp new look! 

To get your hands on a new copy get in touch with your local sales rep or ask us to send you one! 👍


Check it out here.

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Hardox Bucket Refurb at Webb's Quarry

It's always good to see a bucket freshly refurbished with Hardox! 

Webb's Quarry Levin's ZW250 loader bucket is back in action with a Hardox 500 Enduroblade cutting edge on a new 40mm base edge, Hardox side cutters and liners, and our SLS side shrouds for good measure. 

Does your bucket need a refurb or armouring-up? We'll make it work harder, longer.

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McCarthy Transport Hook Bins

McCarthy Transport is making short work of fabricating the hardest and toughest Hardox hook bins! These will be used to cart billet wood around the North Island for many years to come.

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Real Steel at IOQ/AQA QuarryNZ Conference in Auckland

We look forward to being a part of the QuarryNZ conference every year. This year it was held at the awesome ANZ Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. Our North Island sales team enjoyed catching up with exhibitors and delegates at the conference.

Bogans Galore at the Real Steel Hard Rock Club Happy Hour

Real Steel has sponsored the Thursday night happy hour for many years. Recent years it has been named the 'Hard Rock Club' happy hour (a quarrying pun for good measure). Last year we gave out trucker caps, this year: bogan rock mullets and head bands.  

It was a great evening with good drink, food, company, and plenty of laughter.

With generous cooperation from Transport & General Engineering and Winstone Transport we were able to display an impressive brand new heavy duty rock tipper for the evening. 

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Fresh Off the Press!

This impressive 7.2m long curved profile truck side was formed with a single piece of 3.2mm Hardox 450 Wear Plate. Like what you see? Follow our Facebook page to see more!

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New Zealand's First 'My Inner Strenx' Accreditation for T&G
My Inner Strenx accreditation officially awarded to T&G at THE Expo 2017. Left-right: Real Steel's Luke Mathieson, T&G's Craig Jamieson, T&G's Greg Cornes, SSAB's Juha Erkkilä, T&G's Mike Stevenson.

My Inner Strenx accreditation officially awarded to T&G at THE Expo 2017. Left-right: Real Steel's Luke Mathieson, T&G's Craig Jamieson, T&G's Greg Cornes, SSAB's Juha Erkkilä, T&G's Mike Stevenson.

At THE Expo 2017 at Mystery Creek in Hamilton, Real Steel, SSAB and Transport & General Engineering Co. Ltd celebrated being the first New Zealand company to receive SSAB's new 'My Inner Strenx' accreditation. 

T&G has been a Hardox In My Body accredited member since 2013. Like the Hardox In My Body programme, My Inner Strenx is a quality certification for applications using Strenx steel. 

Leading manufacturers who show expertise and innovation in using high-strength steel and who follow SSAB’s quality recommendations are granted licenses to put the My Inner Strenx trademark sign on their products. These companies have extensive knowledge of steel properties, fully understand the advantages of Strenx steel and continuously use them in their product development. The sign shows their customers that the product has been optimized to be strong and light, made with Strenx performance steel and manufactured according to SSAB-certified design and material specifications.

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Transport Engineering Otago Awarded 'Hardox In My Body' Accreditation
Hardox In My Body accreditation is officially awarded to TEO. Left–right: TEO's Richard Swale, TEO's Daniel Timney, SSAB's Stuart Sephton, Real Steel's Dean Aitken.

Hardox In My Body accreditation is officially awarded to TEO. Left–right: TEO's Richard Swale, TEO's Daniel Timney, SSAB's Stuart Sephton, Real Steel's Dean Aitken.

At a special event in February, Real Steel Southern Sales Manager Dean Aitken and Swedish Steel (SSAB) East Pacific Sales Manager Stewart Sephton awarded Transport Engineering Otago (TEO) the Swedish Steel ‘Hardox In My Body’ accreditation.

Sephton says that the accreditation, which allows TEO to use the ‘Hardox In My Body’ branding on its truck and trailer bodies made from the high-strength steel, “is our quality guarantee. Everyone can buy and benefit from a product branded ‘Hardox In My Body’ but not everyone can make such a product. So becoming a licensed manufacturer is only for the best in the business.”

The accreditation is a quality guarantee for Hardox in truck bodies that implies a lighter, tougher and stronger design, and guarantees that the product is made from genuine Hardox Wear Plate.

Aitken says that “TEO and its customers know the benefits of Swedish Steel and this Hardox in my body accreditation is an acknowledgement of their high level of craftsmanship and doing right by the product.”

He adds, “TEO has a proven track record of innovation with Real Steel, they’ve built over 40 Hardox bodies in the past three years and we all thought they would be a brilliant fit for the programme.”

The benefits of Hardox bodies are clear, Aitken says:

“The stronger steel means we can use thinner plate, reducing tare weights by up to 30% without compromising strength, to directly improve fuel efficiency and increase payload. Our one-piece coaming rail and side design employs fewer welds which simplifies fabrication and reduces maintenance. Hardox is more resistant to abrasion and deformation so the body will have a much longer service life while remaining in great shape. And because the floor doesn’t get dented with impacts from loading and wear you don’t have to raise the hoist as high to tip off a load which improves safety and productivity.”

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Foxbox Features in Contractor Magazine

We are stoked to see our innovative new Foxbox trench shield product feature in the August issue of Contractor Magazine. The trench shield played a key role for Higgins on the Havelock North Relief Sewer project.

Read the full story here.

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Real Steel Profiled in WorkSafe Case Study

We are proud to have been profiled by WorkSafe for a case study on our industry-leading health and safety practices. WorkSafe's endorsement and our ACC Tertiary level Workplace Safety Management Practices are the product of a culture focused on health and safety.

Check out the full WorkSafe report here.

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Strenx Enables Innovative Crane Solution

This is the beauty of Swedish Steel. Our Strenx Performance Steel helped Gary Douglas Engineers Ltd to install New Zealand's largest truck-mounted Palfinger on this Hino 10x4 tractor unit for Tom Ryan Cartage Ltd.

Strenx steel combined with our high precision cutting and forming capability enabled Gary Douglas Engineers to create an innovative box-style crane subframe. Strenx steel has perfect qualities for this role: extreme bending resistance for huge crane loadings of up to 26t and extreme torsion resistance for loads extended up to 31m out to the side.

We cut profiles up to 9m in length for the subframe comprising single-piece top, bottom and side plates, alleviating the need for additional mounting plates and potential cracking issues. Strenx is also very workshop friendly requiring minimal weld preheat for quick fabrication.

Working in extreme conditions calls for extreme materials and know how. Real Steel makes top-end steel solutions that work harder, like you.

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