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better from every angle

Our advanced high strength steel is harder and tougher than any other steel. Reduce weight and increase service life means increased payloads, improved fuel economy and less maintenance.

Thanks to the longest sheets of high strength steel, truck bodies and trailers built with it comprise fewer parts, further improving strength and reducing weight. Smarter design with our highly ductile steel dramatically reduces the risks of cracking and is quicker and easier to fabricate.

Our industry-leading forming capacity enables single-piece sides and floors that reduce fatigue, improve strength and truly stand the test of time.

Our harsh East Coast environment is tough on gear and shows no mercy! With Hardox we’ve enjoyed significantly reduced wear on our truck and trailer bodies. Finally a product that withstands the damage of the bigger rocks we cart. We can throw in five tonne rocks with no dents! We cannot endorse Hardox and T&G enough.
— Kevin & Megan McKay, McKay Cartage, Gisborne

Body Design Comparison

 Typical RHS coaming rail compared to Real Steel one-piece formed Hardox coaming rail

Typical RHS coaming rail compared to Real Steel one-piece formed Hardox coaming rail

8.2m Real Steel one-piece truck side

  • 4mm Hardox 450
  • 1 weld
  • 1 piece
  • No ribs required

8.2m Typical RHS truck side

  • 5mm Corten steel & RHS
  • 5 pieces
  • 5 welds
  • Rib required


We do more with one piece of precision-folded steel than others can do with ten 

We form tipper sides and floors from one piece of Hardox 450. Only one weld, from coaming rail to bottom skirt, headboard to tailgate. No seams, no laser welds, no weaknesses. You get reduced tare weight, increased payload and unparalleled service life. 

Strenx High Tensile Steel

Improve performance and save weight with Strenx 

Increase payload and improve fuel efficiency. Trucks and trailers built with Strenx become lighter without compromising on performance, safety and service life. Strenx steel delivers yield strengths of 600–1300 MPa, while being as workshop-friendly as regular steel.