Duroxite overlay products from Hardox Wearparts can add weeks, months, even years of trouble-free operations to your most extreme wear situations. Throughout the plate, overlay thickness is guaranteed within ±10% and wear properties are guaranteed down to 75% of the overlay thickness.   


duroxite empowers your industry

The performance of Duroxite saves money and improves productivity in a wide range of applications through higher output and less maintenance. Duroxite is the natural choice for industries active in mining, energy, quarries, cement production and many other areas where abrasive materials require extremely hard surfaces.

designed for fabrication

Duroxite is designed to be hard, without giving you a hard time in the workshop. Even the most worn-out equipment can be rebuilt and repaired to perform as new. With our broad product o ering, including Hardox and Duroxite, and top-of-the-line processing equipment, you are able to restore products of practically any condition, size and design.


We maximise efficiency

Real Steel has the tooling, machinery and expertise optimised to maximise the benefits of Duroxite to make the highest-performing and longest-lasting steel solutions. 

Plate information


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What do we have in stock?

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